Research Peer and Research Aspirant Institutions

The office of the Vice Provost for Research has established a set of eleven Research Peer Universities and eight Research Aspirant Universities. All of the Research Peer Universities are Land Grant institutions, while all but one of the Research Aspirant Universities are Land Grant institutions. The selection was based on a comparison of overall research productivity based on data from Academic Analytics, and research expenditures as reported in the NSF HERD program. The Research Peer and Research Aspirant universities do not replace the list of the Benchmark 12 peer universities for the University of Arkansas. The list of Research Peer and Research Aspirant Universities that have been identified may not be the most appropriate for individual departments and units throughout the University. Each department and unit is encouraged to develop their own set of peer and aspirant universities against which comparisons and plans can be developed.

University of Arkansas Research Peer Universities

University of Arkansas Research Aspirant Universities

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