About Us

The Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation for the University of Arkansas serves as the Chief Research Officer and reports to the Chancellor's office. The Office of Sponsored Programs,  the Office of Research Compliance, and the Office of Innovation & Industry Partnerships  report to the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation.

The University of Arkansas Press, the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations, and the Office of Development for Research also have reporting lines to the Division of Research and Innovation.


The mission of the Division of Research and Innovation is to support research, scholarship, and creative activities at the University of Arkansas. The office supports individual and collaborative research that helps fulfill the duties of a land-grant university to enrich the state and address global challenges.


The vision of the Division of Research and Innovation is to retain its status as an institution of the highest level of research activity according to the Carnegie Foundation and align the university's productivity, expertise, and reputation to be competitive with and potentially become a member of the Association of American Universities (AAU). 

Core Values

The Division of Research and Innovation is actively involved in creating an environment for research success through the following activities:

  • SUPPORTING students, faculty, and staff pursuing research, scholarship, and creative activities in securing external funding with efficient and effective service.
  • GUIDING students, faculty, and staff in following the highest ethical standards for research and professional conduct and securing intellectual property.
  • DEVELOPING partnerships with regional, state, and national organizations to commercialize research, enrich society, and contribute to the marketplace of ideas.
  • INNOVATING the culture of research at the University to promote creative activity, non-monetized scholarship, and inclusive pursuits as integral to the mission of a land-grant university.
  • FACILITATING collaboration and interdisciplinary research within the university, regionally, and internationally with particular attention to lifting up diverse voices and ideas.
  • PROMOTING research that involves the entire university community including undergraduates and graduate students from across disciplines, colleges, and backgrounds to foster student success and a vibrant scholarly community.

Signature Research Areas

The University of Arkansas has identified three signature research areas that distinguish the university from other institutions and will inspire collaborative research with partners across the campus, state and nation: 

  • Advancing the Data Revolution
  • Improving Human Health and Community Vibrancy
  • Innovating for a Resilient and Sustainable Future

These signature research areas encompass a broad range of research topics across the U of A campus. They are designed to facilitate interdisciplinary research across campus, in order to advance technology, build a better world and improve lives in Arkansas and beyond.

For more information go to the Signature Research Areas web page.