About Us

The Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation for the University of Arkansas serves as the Chief Research Officer and reports to the Chancellor's office. The Office of Sponsored Programs,  the Office of Research Compliance, and the Office of Innovation & Industry Partnerships  report to the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation.

The University of Arkansas Press, the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations, and the Office of Development for Research also have reporting lines to VCRI.


The Division of Research and Innovation supports, enriches and facilitates intellectual and creative vibrancy of the university community by promoting faculty, staff, and student efforts in research, innovation, creative activities, and scholarship. We aim to help the University of Arkansas maximize its collective impacts on all fields of study by improving the lives of people, by creating vibrant and thriving communities, and/or by increasing understanding and appreciation of what it means to be human.


As a vehicle for the growth of research, innovation, creative activities, and scholarship at the University of Arkansas, the Division of Research and Innovation aspires to become a model service organization for land grant institutions and other highly active research universities.

Core Values

The Division of Research & Innovation has the following core values:

  • To provide excellence in customer service to faculty, staff, students and external constituents
  • To provide research development and research administration services that help faculty grow their research program
  • To provide a research compliance atmosphere that helps researchers stay within regulatory constraints
  • To encourage researchers to involve graduate and undergraduate students on research projects
  • To promote economic development in the region, state and nation
  • To promote international collaboration by encouraging researchers to work with partners from different cultural backgrounds and national environments
  • To foster research collaborations with industry

Signature Research Areas

The University of Arkansas has identified three signature research areas that distinguish the university from other institutions and will inspire collaborative research with partners across the campus, state and nation: 

  • Advancing the Data Revolution
  • Improving Human Health and Community Vibrancy
  • Innovating for a Resilient and Sustainable Future

These signature research areas encompass a broad range of research topics across the U of A campus. They are designed to facilitate interdisciplinary research across campus, in order to advance technology, build a better world and improve lives in Arkansas and beyond.

For more information go to the Signature Research Areas web page.