Exempt Determination

Use the decision charts below to make a preliminary determination regarding the type of review, if any, required for your proposed project. The IRB Coordinator will make the final determination as to whether your project qualifies for an exemption or expedited review.

IRB Decision Chart 1: Does this meet the definition of Human Subjects Research?

IRB Decision Chart 2: Does this research qualify for one of the eight categories of exemption?

Category 1 Exemption Chart: Commonly accepted educational settings/normal educational practices

Category 2 Exemption Chart: Educational tests, survey procedures, or public behavior observations

Category 3 Exemption Chart: Benign behavioral interventions

Category 4 Exemption Chart: Secondary research for which consent is not required

Category 5 Exemption Chart: Research/demonstration projects to study, evaluate or examine public benefit/service programs

Category 6 Exemption Chart: Taste or food quality evaluations

Categories 7 and 8 Exemption Chart: Storage/maintenance for secondary research; and secondary research requiring broad consent

Expedited Review: Does this research qualify for Expedited Review?

Continuing Review: Is continuing review required for this protocol?

Waiver of Informed Consent: Does this qualify for a waiver of informed consent?

Waiver of Informed Consent Documentation: Can documentation of informed consent be waived?