Research Compliance

The Office of Research Compliance (RSCP), a unit of the Office of the Vice Provost for Research , is responsible for assisting faculty, staff and students in complying with federal and state regulatory requirements for sponsored and unsponsored research and with the associated University policies.

Biological Safety

Activities which involve microbiological agents, (bacterial, viral, fungal, and certain multicellular parasites), biological toxins, recombinant DNA molecules, human or non-human primate blood or tissues, and animal cell cultures must have the approval of the Biosafety Committee. Prior approval is required in most cases.

Export Control

Any item that is sent from the United States to a foreign destination is an export. The release of controlled items/information to a foreign person within the boundaries of the United States is a “deemed export.” The release (export) of certain goods, services, technology, data, and technical information is strictly controlled by Federal regulations. Prior to collaborating with, visiting, or sharing equipment, technical data and information, etc. with foreign persons in the United States or abroad, personnel must determine whether government authorization is needed for those activities.

Human Subjects

Systematic investigations through which the investigator obtains information from interaction/intervention with an individual or personal identifiable information. Prior approval is required. Federal law and University policy prohibit retroactive approvals.

Radiation Safety

The use of radionuclides or radiation-producing equipment (includes equipment containing sealed sources of ionizing radiation) on campus or under the direction of University personnel and/or students.

Responsible Conduct of Research

  • Recognizing and reporting research misconduct in scientific research.
  • Conflict of Interest (UA Policy 404.0)

Toxic Substances

Activities that require the use of materials/substances which are hazardous or toxic in nature.

Vertebrate Animals

All research, research training, experimentation, biological testing, and related activities involving live vertebrate conducted at this institution or other locations by University personnel and students in furtherance of a University activity.

Other Support/Assistance

RSCP also provides administrative support for the following.

  • Research Council
  • Material Transfer Agreements
  • Traineeships/Clerkships
  • DEA Registration

Contact the Director for assistance with any of these.

RSCP Staff

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Upcoming RSCP Meetings

IACUC Meeting: Friday, April 6 MLKG 107. Deadline for submitting protocols for review at the meeting is at least seven (7) working days prior to the meeting.

IRB Meeting: Wednesday, March 14 at noon in MLKG 107

IBC Meeting: Thursday, April 19 at 2:15PM in MLKG 107

Export Control Training: Register today for a seat in the 03/02/2018 or 04/04/2018 Export Control Training.