State Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

The SURF program began in 1993 through funding from the National Science Foundation. This program encourages undergraduate students to become involved in research in their respective area of expertise. SURF requires the student be either a sophomore, junior or senior and paired with a research faculty mentor within the same area of research being conducted.

You want to apply for SURF funding? When and how do you apply? Where do you go?
Students who wish to participate in the SURF competition, funded by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education, are required to register through the Office of Nationally Competitive Awards. Information regarding registration, forms and other pertinent information can be found at:

You’ve been awarded a SURF! What comes next?
Watch for an e-mail from Research & Sponsored Programs (RSSP), Grants Specialist, regarding your award. The e-mail will contain the words “SURF Award Acceptance” in the subject line. Read and follow the instructions carefully. If you have any questions, please contact RSSP immediately either by phone (575-3845) or e-mail. Please note: if RSSP does not receive all documents required to process your award, it will be delayed.

If all documents are completed and submitted properly, you will receive a second e-mail with the subject line that will say “SURF Award Documents” which will establish your Cost Center Number. Please read the e-mail carefully because a Fellowship form and questionnaire will be attached to the e-mail. These forms must be completed, signed and sent to Graduate School, Paula Lasner at, for processing. If these forms are not completed and submitted to the Graduate School, your fellowship stipend will be delayed.

IMPORTANT: If you have been awarded a SURF award for the Spring and Fall, you will need to submit a new Fellowship form in the Fall.