Proposal Preparation (Pre-Award)


Proposal Preparation and Review Services

Please use the Investigator's Toolbox for required and sample proposal and budgeting forms.

The Office of Sponsored Programs staff provides important services to help principal investigators prepare, review, and submit competitive proposals for external funding. Below is a description of some common services, depending on the nature of the proposal and potential sponsor:

  • Provide assistance with online registration for various funding agencies.
  • Provide training on electronic submission portals.
  • Interpret the solicitation.
  • Address guidelines and requirements with the principal investigator.
  • Facilitate the review of any contract requirements and negotiations.
  • Assist in completing the required agency application forms and related administrative forms.
  • Review budgets for accuracy.
  • Ensure commitment letters have been obtained for required matching funds, services or support, including subcontract commitments.
  • Ensure subcontract documents are received and accurate.
  • Review proposals for compliance with university, state, federal, and agency guidelines.
  • Document institutional compliance requirements.
  • Ensure application packet is complete.
  • Transmit the proposal package to the agency. If applicable, track the courier service to ensure timely delivery of the proposal at its destination.

Please allow five (5) working days for the review and submission process of proposals without special requirements. We encourage everyone to submit two (2) working days before the agency deadline to ensure that the application is received correctly by the funding agency. If you have multiple university approvals required for submission of your proposal, we suggest allowing two (2) or more working days for obtaining approvals in Streamlyne. Therefore, RSSP suggest that you allow ten (10) working days for the review, approval, and submission process.




Grant Writing Workshops

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The Grant Editing and Consulting Group, created in coordination with the J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, currently provides editing services for faculty in the college.