Award Management (Post-Award)

Award Management Services

The Office Sponsored Programs staff provides assistance to University researchers and faculty on the administration of sponsored projects and awards. Below is a description of services:

  • Negotiate and accept all awards.
  • Prepare and submit award documents.
  • Interpret sponsor and university fiscal policies.
  • Review and countersign documents and correspondence sent to funding agencies.
  • Review requests for budget changes with departmental personnel.
  • Liaison with other university administrative support units and auditors.
  • Monitor and confirm compliances.
  • Assist in completing the administrative close-out of all awards at termination or transfer.

Post Award Forms

Uniform Guidance

OMB Circulars (applies to Grants awarded prior to Dec 2014)

OMB Circulars (applies to Grants awarded after Dec 2014)

External Policies & Procedures


  General Instruction

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