Replicability & Reproducibility Virtual Conference

featuring Simon Adar, Founder and CEO of Code Ocean

Wednesday, May 27, 2020, at 2 p.m.

via Zoom 



Presentation Title: It’s Not Really Science If It’s Not Reproducible



The importance of scientific findings and their validity has been very clear during this COVID-19 pandemic. If we can’t guarantee the validity of our science how can we expect policy makers to make the right decisions? If research is not reproducible and easily reused how can we rely and build upon it?


Simon’s Bio

Simon Adar is the co-founder and CEO of Code Ocean, a cloud-based computational reproducibility platform that makes it easy to create and share research code and data for researchers in academia or private corporations. Simon holds a PhD in image processing from Tel Aviv University and was a Runway postdoc awardee at Cornell-Tech. Simon previously collaborated with the DLR - the German Space Agency on the European FP7 funded EO-MINERS project to detect environmental changes from airborne and spaceborne sensors.


About Code Ocean

Code Ocean streamlines computational research with an integrated management platform that enables researchers to create data analysis projects, easily collaborate, share and publish the complete code, data, computing environment and results. Code Ocean's platform is used as part of code and data peer review process by Nature, IEEE and other major publishers as well as a computational development workbench and repository for academic institutions and biopharma companies.