Pew Scholars in Biomedicine

Pew Scholars in Biomedicine provide “funding to outstanding individuals who are in their first few years of their appointment at the assistant professor level in a science relevant to the advancement of human health.”

Eligibility Guidelines:

  • Applicants must be nominated by their institution and can only attempt to win the award twice.
  • Ph.D. in medicine or biomedical sciences.
  • Nominees holding any of the following awards during first two years of the Pew Scholarship are not eligible: Searle Scholars Program, Rita Allen Scholars, Burroughs-Wellcome Career Awards, Beckman Young Investigators Program, Ellison New Scholar Award, Keck Foundation, Damon-Runyon Early Career award, and the Kimmel Scholars Award.

Application Process:
From the nominees candidates will be selected to send in a full application.

NOTE: Only one submission is allowed per institution. All applications should be sent to