Arkansas Nutrition, Obesity, and Health Research Retreat

Arkansas Nutrition, Obesity, and Health Research Retreat 2017

Research Pilot Grants
Request for Proposals


The purpose of the RFP is to provide the demonstrated cross-institutional, multi-disciplinary teamwork, experience, and preliminary data needed to be competitive for large, extramural grant funding opportunities. We expect teams to submit an external grant proposal by the end of the funding period. In this round, we anticipate funding 2 grants for up to $50,000 each, and 2 grants for “high risk/high reward” projects up to $25,000 each.


  • Proposal deadline: 29 November 2017
  • Evaluation by external reviewers: November/December 2017
  • Notification of selection (target): 5 January 2017
  • Estimated project start date (target): 5 January 2017

Proposal Application Guidelines

The UAMS Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research will serve as the cross-institution clearinghouse for grant applications and processing. Using the format and instructions provided in this RFP, complete and submit the following to that Office in a PDF file of your Word document by email ( by 12:00am CST (midnight) on November 29, 2017:

  • All pages should be single spaced, 11 point Arial font, 1 inch margins
  • Research Strategy (up to 3 pages)
  • Budget. Each institution's funds will be remaining within-campus, so budget should clearly delineate costs by institution (1 page maximum)
  • Budget Justification (1 page maximum)
  • Succinct description of multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary approach and timeline (1/2 page maximum)
  • Deliverables. This includes a clear indication of how the study results and team-building will lead to positioning for competitive extramural funding; teams must identify at least one specific extramural target (1/2 page maximum)
  • NIH-style Biosketch from each PI, Co-Investigator


Address all questions to Dr. Larry Cornett (c/o

One or more of the following general Research Themes should serve as a guide in terms of the aims and relevance of your submitted proposal:

  1. Cardiometabolic Health
  2. Metabolism & Energetics
  3. Food Insecurity
  4. Microbiome-Host Interactions
  5. Environmental, Cultural & Social Aspects of Health
  6. Physical Activity & Muscle Function
  7. Dietary Behaviors

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